Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Part 1

I guess I haven't posted a blog since Nov. 1st. Wow! We've been super busy around here. I had my last wedding for the year in the middle of Nov. I recently finished editing the pictures for that, whew! I also am done with pictures for the year and will be enjoying Christmas vacation with my kids and husband. Kaylee is in the 4th and 5th grade choir this year which is a choir that meets after school on Tuesdays. She loves being involved and is excited to be in the middle school choir next year. She had her Christmas concert with the middle school choir last night, it was a really good. Other Kaylee news: As an early Christmas present I gave in and let her cut her waist length hair!! She had about 15 inches cut off, it is now just below her shoulders with a few layers. It looks cute even though I miss my little girl, sniff. She loves it though so I'm happy for her. Nathan had his school concert just before Thanksgiving. They like to do the regular music class concerts around that time of year due to how busy people get and how many choir/band concerts are in Dec. He isn't into singing as much as his sister but I think thats normal for a lot of boys. He is getting into reading more which I'm very happy about. The kids had a lot of fun going to get our tree this year. We went with friends and their daughter, the kids had on their santa hats, even Emily. We went the day after Thanksgiving so we've had the tree up for awhile. Emily really got into decorating, I was a little surprised. Kaylee and Nathan did a great job making the tree look pretty and helping Emily. I sent out my Christmas cards last night. They turned out really cute this year. Emily has been into Christmas, I've really been enjoying her. She sings jingle bells and frosty all the time. I had several ladies in Target comment on how cute she was singing while we were shopping. She sure isn't shy! She sat on Santa's lap and even pet his fuzzy fur on his jacket. She does seem to be more of a frosty fan, I have to play the movie every day and she gets out the big snowman stuffed animal I have and holds it's hands and dances in a circle singing the frosty song. If she's not playing with frosty then she is pretending she's a kitty. I asked her this morning if she wanted me to call her Emily or Emmy and she said to call her kitty. I spend a lot of time being a mommy kitty. She likes to rub her head against my leg and meow and crawl around on all fours. Sometimes she begs me to give her a kitty nose so I have to go get my eyeliner out of the bathroom and blacken her nose. I am so glad she has such an imagination, I love it!! Jimmy gets the next two weeks off of work! We're excited to decorate some cookies, drive around and see Christmas lights, go down town St. Joe and see all the snowman statues and of course spend Christmas with our family! If I don't post pictures to this blog I'll do so for a future Christmas blog or I have a ton on facebook.

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